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Robust superhydrophobic surfaces

Dry and Durable materials provide self-cleaning and extreme water-repellent properties, for the first time combined with unforeseen durability.

We are actively looking for partners and new promising application areas. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Dry and Durable materials exhibit all features of extremely water-repellent surfaces without compromising long-term mechanical durability.

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We strive to increase performance and safety with improved materials while reducing burden to the environment

Droplets on glass

World is full of bacteria, dirt, and wet surfaces causing unnecessary costs and harm.

What if all surfaces would stay dry, repel bacteria and stay clean?

Our Vision

Spray paint

Global hydrophobic coatings market reaches $1.6B annually and partially solves some of these challenges. 

Competing self-cleaning material solutions lack longevity and mechanical durability in harsh conditions.

The Problem

Dry and Durable structure

Patented Dry and Durable microstructuring technology protects sensitive water repellent coatings. It provides unforeseen resistance to mechanical abrasion. 

Self-cleaning materials provide solutions for managing wear and reduce maintentance downtime.

The Solution

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Dry and Durable materials

The project aims to commercialise dry and durable superhydrophobic materials. 

The basic research behind Dry and Durable materials was published on the June 2020 issue of the Nature journal. The technology behind the innovation was developed over a decade in various research efforts at Aalto University, Finland. 

Ras R.H.A., Deng X., et al.  "Design of Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces", Nature (2020), 582, 55–59 (press release).

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